How it all started...

A number of ethnic leaders, originally coming from Slavic backgrounds, began to plant life giving, community churches all around the United States. And though these leaders connected well through organizations like ARC, they noticed a shared number of similar challenges coming from an ethnic background. With time, close relationships developed, which led to resource & idea sharing, groups of teams traveling to each other's churches to learn from each other, and new church planters being encouraged and supported. This led to a group of pastors coming together for form the Church Momentum Collaborative in 2021.

CLARIFYING the vision...

The vision of Church Momentum Collaborative is to come alongside ethnic church planters and leaders in establishing life giving community churches and transitioning ethnic churches to become community churches by providing training, resources and relationships.

Where we are headed...

Church Momentum Collaborative's vision will be fulfilled through:

* ANNUAL CONFERENCE: An annual conference focused on encouraging and equipping leaders with practical tools and training to launch new churches, or transition ethnic churches to become community churches. The conference will also highlight, celebrate and commission new church planters with an ethnic background.

* REGIONAL ROUNDTABLES: Throughout the year, regional roundtables will be held in different cities, to connect locally with pastors and leaders planting or thinking of planting new churches or transforming existing ethnic churches to become community churches. The purpose of local roundtables will be to build stronger relationships with pastors facing similar challenges, and building community.

* FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR CHURCH PLANTERS: For ethnic church planters thinking of planting a church, Church Momentum Collaborative  has a process in place to assess, train and then come alongside with mentorship as well as financially with a matching grant of up to $30,000.

* RESOURCES: Church Momentum Collaborative is building a library of free resources shared by partner churches, which will include training materials, curriculum, podcasts, as well as all media content from conferences and roundtables. All content will be hosted and shared for free on the website of Church Momentum Co.

If you would like to share your church's sample of documents like:
- bylaws
- curriculum for membership classes, baptism, premarital counseling, growth track, ministry guidelines, employee handbooks, etc
- documentation of systems and strategies for things like new guest assimilation, donor development, church planting, etc. 

Please email us! Free resources will be made available soon.

Frequently asked questions

Have a question you want to ask? Email us! 

Who is the "leader" of Church Momentum Co.? 

Church Momentum Co. is group led, consisting of pastors and leaders from different partner churches. And there is room for you to join the lead team.

Is this a future denomination? 

No. We love and partner with several denominations. Many of the churches connected to Church Momentum Co are part of a denomination, and we actually encourage churches and church planters to be connected to a denominational tribe for doctrine, accountability, ordination and other needs a denomination provides. 

Do you support any and all new church planters with an ethnic background? 

We celebrate and learn from all ethnic church planters. We support church planters from different theological tribes, including Baptist, Pentecostal and Charismatic backgrounds. But, for a church planter to be supported financially by Church Momentum Co., they must pass through an assessment, training, and work with a mentor assigned by Church Momentum Co.

Where does Church Momentum Co get their budget and money? 

A number of ethnic church planters have planted life-giving churches, and believe church planting is going to be a significant factor is better reaching our communities. Therefore, such churches have set aside a portion of their church's annual budget to support church planters. Also, there are many individuals who believe and have dedicated personal funds to this vision. There are also churches with no ethnic background, but who give to the vision of empowering church planters with an immigrant background to start churches in the United States.